En theos Consulting



En Theos Consulting was the Agent for Warner Bros. Consumer Products in India across the categories of Apparel; Fashion Accessories; Toys; Stationery; Home and Publishing from 2009 to 2014 

Its expertise in licensing in India can be useful to Licensors in the Domains of Fashion; Sports & Brand Licensing.

Some of the the key properties licensed through us are the following:

Our Key Licensed Properties


Tom & Jerry

The iconic high energy cat and mouse duo continue to entertain kids and adults alike even after 60 years. Tom & Jerry is one of the most popular cartoon characters in India.


Looney Tunes

Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester & Tweety, Tasmanian Devil (Taz) are some of the characters that make up Looney Tunes – an evergreen brand whose classic characters’ fun and irreverent personalities have attracted fans for decades



Tweety is the small, spirited and cute bird that is popular with girls of all ages.



Superman is the original and ultimate Super Hero, sworn to protect the citizens of earth. He is a Global icon with nearly 100% worldwide awareness and is the embodiment of justice, honestly and the power of achievement.



Batman is the only Super Hero who started with a purpose, then trained and developed unique abilities and skills to fulfil that purpose. Boys aspire to have his unequal fighting skills, unique gadgets and vehicles



Scooby is the only dog with human characteristics who can live and play in a kid’s real and imaginative world. Scooby represents mystery adventure and scary fun, and at the same time is hip and cool among kids.


Baby Looney Tunes

The Baby Looney Tunes brand captures the spirit and innocent humor of our younger Looney Toons characters through age-appropriate quality products, granting accessibility of our unique characters to youngsters as they are laughing and learning lasti